Jul 26 / Upturn

Understanding Sales Segments

Sales segmentation is the process of dividing your business goals into more defined sales areas. Each of these areas would have its own direct strategy and tactics to achieve this as it helps you look at data the right way, so that you can drive goals in the right direction.
To help with ease of learning, we came up with 4 areas that we feel cut across most business and they are:
  • Goal setting by location: If your business operates in more than one state or region, for example in different cities like Lagos and Abuja, you'd need to consider how these multiple locations can individually contribute to your goals.

  • Goal setting by outlets: Do you have more than one outlet in one or more locations? For example, two outlets in Lagos- one on Lagos Island and another on the Mainland. If you do, you'd also need to analyse how all of your outlets will contribute to achieving the goal you've set.

  • Goal setting by products/services: If you're a business owner with only one location or outlet, you'd typically focus on the product and/or service you render.
  • Goal setting by customer types: If your business caters to more than one customer group, it's important to also segment your goals according to how much revenue your various customer groups will bring in.
Have you figured out what your sales segment will be? You should do that as it would help you set your goals, strategies and tactics.

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