Wanna do your payroll in 15 minutes?

Wanna do your payroll in 15 minutes?

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Read the title again. Yes, it's possible. And WITHOUT cutting corners.

A key to computing your payroll accurately within a short time is to have your sheet ready. Having it ready means that it has all the tabs that make a complete payroll, with the right columns that factor in all the necessary calculations required by law (including tax), and has the right formulas embedded (we cannot emphasize this one enough.

Keep in mind that a standard Payroll Excel Sheet is a template that typically comprises 5 tabs, which are all connected. The 5 tabs include:
  • the Salary Review sheet
  • the Payroll Computation sheet (which is what most HR personnel or Accountants are familiar with)
  • the Monthly Payroll Calculator
  • the Monthly Payroll (different from the "Calculator")
  • the Payslip
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Out of these 5 tabs, three are most important for your end-of-the-month payroll computation. They are the main Payroll Computation Sheet, the Monthly Payroll Calculator tab, and the Payslip. This is because the main calculations (including tax) are made on the Payroll Computation sheet, which factors in necessary additions or deductions like loans or deductions for days off on the Monthly Calculator, which all reflect in individual Payslips that you can printout for your staff. So they're all connected.

Having all these tabs ready means that all you have to do is input your figures and you're good to go! In 15 minutes or less, you would have drawn up the payslips for each employee and be ready to send.

You don't have to take my word for it, actually. Simply purchase our extensive Payroll course, and see what a real Payroll sheet looks like. Plus, you get a free Payroll template to do yours from scratch, with formulas embedded. Even if you don't have a payroll, or you have one but it's not comprehensive enough, or you still have to do some computations manually, our Payroll course provides a solution. One blog would not be enough to do it justice, don't you think?

So get it now, and thank me later.

You're welcome.
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