Creating and Issuing Your Employment Letter

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  • Level: Beginner - Advanced
  • Study time: 5 hours
  • Video time: 3 hours
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Course overview
An employment letter serves as proof of a professional relationship between employer and employee.

Learn the importance of an employment letter, as well as how to create an employment letter from scratch, and issue it out to your new recruit.
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Learn What's Important

Learn the step-by-step method of drafting a comprehensive employment letter for your new recruit.

Implement Immediately

The course comes along with an employment letter template that we've provided to help you draw yours up. Just fill it out, and voila! 
Meet YOUR instructor

Teniola Akinwande

Teniola Akinwande is the resource person for this course, with years of experience as an Human Resource Manager. She'll be taking you along the sections of an employment letter, and how to draft and issue one out. Feel free to connect with her via her social media handles below.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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