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A step at better processes. Our Free Membership Plan allows you to explore opportunities to Re-structure your Business Processes for Growth.

Step 1: Join our Free Membership Plan

Our Free Membership Plan is Free-for-Life, so sign up, you have nothing to lose.  When you need more support, you can take a look at our paid membership then. For now - join us and soar! 

P.S. We'll check-in with you within 24 hours to make sure you're all settled in, and we will also add you to our Telegram channel, so you can meet the rest of the community and so that you don't miss out on relevant Upturn-related information.
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Step 2: Enrol for the Hybrid Business Process Reengineering Course

A FREE hybrid course on how to identify and review processes, consisting of a blend of ready-made videos and live online Q/A Webinars will be provided to help you get the best out of the course.

It runs every 2 weeks, so enrol for the next Cohort, now. 
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Step 3: Get assigned an Accountability Partner

At the beginning of the course, we will assign you to an Accountability Partner who will support you in implementing all you will learn in the course, by helping you identify and review three (3) processes of your choice.
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Step 4: Enjoy Free Mini Courses 

Now that you Understand how to implement your processes, you can now go ahead and enjoy, free mini-courses available in our course library that pertains to your business needs, as they become available. 
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Other Benefits

In addition to the above you also enjoy the following:


You can ask questions and get help at anytime whilst learning with our support-as-you-learn chatbox available in real time.

Access to our Private Community

We also provide a support system via a private community of 
like-minded learners to offer social interaction and support.

Book a Free Business Advisory Call

Keep progressing and when you reach a road block you can book a free advisory call, straight from your dashboard.
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