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[Hybrid] Re-engineering Your Business Processes

Lesson series
  • Author: Upturn
  • Level: Beginner - Advanced
  • Study time: 5 hours
  • Video time:  3 hours
  • Exams: None
  • Enrollment N1,999
Course overview
You've been in business for years but you never thought some of your business activities might be faulty. You're ready to review all your business activities but don't know where to start?
In this course, you will learn how to identify, review and redesign your business processes, for the sake of setting up working structures for your business.
Certification included
Learn the skills. Master the tools. Boost your confidence.

Why this course?

Learn the step-by-step method of coming up with solutions to fix your business process issues in any department of your organisation.

Certificate of completion 

Getting certified proves that your business has scaled the in-demand process re-engineering exercise. The certification also qualifies you for a business process analyst or similar roles. 

Virtual learning community

We add you to our community of co-learners and business like-minds. There, you join members from cohort 1 and 2 who are currently learning and growing their business structures together.

Accountability Partner to help process implementation

Because we know that learning on your own might be tedious, we give you the push you need by assigning you an accountability partner from our dedicated team, who will follow you up from the moment of your enrollment, to make sure you take the course to completion, and implement all you learn, in good time.

Live classes where you can ask burning business questions

Looking for answers to your business issues can lead to information overload which can be overwhelming. When you bring your questions to a live class of business like-minds hosted by a business process expert, you get just the right answer you need.

Full-time, live support whenever you need

We are not only a chat and a call away. When you start your learning, we hold your hand as you go through all the steps to reviewing and redesigning your business processes. 

Upturn App for easy learning

No more going through the long process of logging on to your dashboard through your browser. With the Upturn app, you can enjoy easy navigation through your dashboard.
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Experience Our Live Classes 

As a hybrid course, you get the opportunity to meet, interact and socialize with business like minds during the live classes. Starting with our introductory live class, we set the tone for the course by meeting and engaging with everyone in the cohort, and sharing insights on course.

Then, there's our Q & A session where we interact, ask questions on business process issues, and learn from each other. Finally, our last live class which is a course round up and review of next steps towards continuous improvements and a lasting business relationships. 

Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, you should be able to:

Understand the basics of business process re-engineering

Review your business processes and proffer better working structures for your business

Fix your business process issues in the future

Continually improve in your business processes 

What our learners say

#The HBPR course is mind blowing | #Practical and Doable | #Learn to implement efficient business | #Self explanatory | #Learn at your own pace

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Bidemi Olorukooba
CEO, Duketrah Fisheries
As a proud participant of HBRP Cohort 1
I say well done to the upturn team.
The Hybrid Business Re- engineering Process training was practical and doable such that as I was learning, I was implementing it in my business, and now we have a functioning SOP for our Sales & Marketing Department.
Oluade Aderemi
MD, Imereda Nylon Printing & Packaging
The class was very educative and impressive, I learnt valuable skills that will improve my business, the instructor was very good and she took her time to explain every step in reengineering your business process , videos was recorded in order to learn at your own pace and were much self explanatory thanks to Maureen and her team in upturn, I really cherish your follow up.

Thanks so much for given me the opportunity for the free class and I promised to apply it in my business.
Araashi Abeeb
CEO, Bintinlaye Stitches
 CEO, Hashbell
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Hello, my name is Bello Hashim I am the CEO of Hashbell, a full scale tailoring company that has many section.
Are u an entrepreneur, if yes, you need to be educated on how to implement and manage Ur processes and the platform u need is UPTURN.

 UPTURN is a Process-Driven Learning platform that show you how to implement efficient business process quickly and give you all the tools you need because I have benefited and is now your turn to do so.
Bello Hashim
 CEO, Hashbell
I registered for the HBRP and so far, it's been a life changing journey. I have known since 2019 that my business truly needs documented processes, but I haven't been able to do so. And this course have enabled me break that jinx.

First key takeaway for me is the understanding that help me separate strategy from tactics. And this understanding has enabled my Organization come up with better organization structure that aligns with our current goals and objectives. 

Thank you to Maureen and the entire Upturn Team
Ufuoma Nathaniel, Enu,
Founder/MD, Bethan Industries Limited and
President, Integrated Cassava Processors Cooperative Society Limited

Frequently asked questions

How long can I take the course?

Three weeks. The course runs from April, 8th to April, 29th.

What if I do not finish the course before its expiry date?

The course will be locked and you will not have access to it. However, you can enroll for the next cohort and start all over.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

Once you have completed the course, your certificate will be available for download.

How do I know my accountability partner?

When you enroll, your accountability partner will reach out to you and will be in communication with you throughout your learning journey.

What are the duties/role of my accountability partner?

Your accountability partner will make it a point of duty to make sure you complete the course and implement your learning. He will answer every question you have and follow you up at every stage till you finish the course.

Can I join another cohort for the course even if I finished the course?

Yes! the HBPR course helps for continuous review of your business processes. You can join any of the open cohorts to get practical guide with reviewing your business processes at anytime.

When will the live classes hold?

The dates are on the course dashboard. When you enroll, you will see the dates.

Will there be a Q&A session during the live class to treat specific questions?

Yes! Our second live class is a special Q & A session where members ask burning questions regarding their business process issues, and on the course at large.

What if I miss the live classes?

While it is best for members of the cohort to attend the live classes so as not to miss out on the engagements and shared insights, we upload a video file of the full recording of the live classes on the dashboard for continuous reference.

Will I get free BPR templates and SOP's in this course? 

Yes! All related templates and sample SOPs are in the course, and you can find it in the Learning Resource Section in the course player.

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