Thank you for your submission to be in the running to win an Upturn Business Makeover -
Job Description Edition

Congratulations on completing this first step!

As you may know, winning this competition will automatically qualify you and your company for a complete makeover on your staff job descriptions. So depending on your needs, we will either create a whole new JD or update an existing one (if you have it).
Winners will be selected based on the most compelling entry, so keep your fingers crossed! However there are other steps to follow as part of this competition. Thry include:

1. Join our WhatsApp Community
2. Follow us on our IG social media page.
3. Tag 3 business owners in the comment section.

It is ABSOLUTELY important to follow these steps because they increase your chances of winning.
In the meantime, good luck, and all the best. The winner will be announced next week on Monday, April 10th.

So stay tuned in the WA group, and keep your fingers crossed. It might be YOU  

P.S. In case you don't win, we have a consolation prize. But we won't tell you what it is!  

Rooting for you,
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